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Take the next step in reducing injury rates. We can help you move towards a world-class safety culture using behavioural techniques.

Lattitude consultant Richard Davison (right) discusses behavioural safety in the workplace

Lattitude consultant Richard Davison (right) discusses behavioural safety in the workplace

Lattitude’s experts can help you take the next step in improving your safety performance. We offer:

  • Professional advice and guidance on advancing your organisation towards a world-class safety culture
  • Assessment and measurement of your current safety culture and tools for continual improvement
  • Training in behavioural safety tailored specifically to your organisation
  • Training in leadership and teamworking, to stimulate culture change
  • Support for Health and Safety professionals implementing change programmes and developing world-class safety cultures

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  • Behavioural safety taster sessions
    We understand that before you commit to a change in the way you approach safety, you may need more information or you may need help in convincing colleagues. That's why we offer a free (subject to availability) two-hour taster session. But Read more...

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    An accident frequency rate of 3 seems likes it's close to zero but actually it means everyone in your organisation (on average) is going to be injured three times in their working lives. The recent release of occupational injury and ill Read more...


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