Culture change

The safest organisations all have one thing in common: safety is integral to the way they do things.

But moving towards a world-class safety culture requires change and changing the culture of a whole organisation is challenging. Lattitude’s experts can guide you through the change process. We can help you:

  • Convince senior management of the need for change
  • Demonstrate the value to your business of making the change
  • Implement change in a structured way that will minimise its commercial impact and maximise the business benefits
  • Train your people in effective safety leadership techniques
  • Build safety teams by educating supervisors and staff
  • Convince people to think about safety for themselves and to look out for one another

    Martin Woodall speaking about culture change at the paper industry conference

    Martin Woodall speaking about culture change at the paper industry conference

Lattitude’s approach to change is based on the Gleicher Change Model. This helps us to understand the elements needed for change and to create the right conditions to achieve the change.

The Gleicher change model

The Gleicher change model

Change happens when:

  • People are dissatisfied with the status quo
  • There is a vision of what the change could achieve
  • The first steps towards change are understood
  • There is creative leadership helping people find their way through the change
  • These things outweigh any resistance to the change

So you need to follow a programme.

Lattitude’s Attitude Survey helps you understand you existing culture and gives you a starting point for improvements.

All our workshops give people a clear vision of what can be achieved with behavioural safety when everyone begins to look out for one another.

First steps
Our Leadership in safety workshops help develop management commitment and set the agenda for change.

Creative leadership
Our Discussion and feedback workshops help you find effective ways to improve safety.

Overcoming resistance to change
Our independent and interdependent teamwork workshops help overcome doubts and stimulate a desire to improve. They show change is possible, and that everyone should be actively involved in the change. But you need to be in it for the long haul. Lattitude understands the commitment you must make and we want to help you succeed. So all our workshops come with ongoing support.

Take the next step… find out more about how Lattitude can help you.

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