Lattitude Productions and Lattitude Safety

Two companies working together to inspire safe behaviour

Lattitude Productions and Lattitude Safety are two independent companies with a cross-over in ownership. But we work together to offer our customers something that is unique.

Lattitude Productions makes mould-breaking health and safety films including:

But behind each of these films is Lattitude Safety’s expertise. Our experts consult with the producers while the films are being made to ensure they represent the latest and best thinking in behavioural safety.

But it works both ways, because we use the films during our training courses. This adds a visual element to our workshops and we find the films offer real insight and aid understanding of the training messages.

Importantly, because we were involved in the development of the films, they are precisely geared into Lattitude Safety’s approach. The films build into the Lattitude Standard, so that you can select from a range of training and consultancy options that will perfectly fit your organisation. But you can also be sure of a consistency of approach which has been carefully thought through to enable you to build on your safety successes to achieve ever lower injury rates.

So, for example, in many of our courses on Teamwork: Independent Culture, we will often use the films The Climber’s Attitude and Lessons from a Blind School. These help people understand simple, practical ways they can look after themselves.

In our courses on Teamwork: Interdependent Culture, we will use All for One – the Meerkat Way to show how societies will naturally look out for one another. In Leadership in safety courses, Giants of Leadership – The Nature of Safety helps people understand how setting an example and communicating well are vital for good safety.


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