To help you take the next step into behavioural safety and beyond, Lattitude currently offers the courses shown below (click links for more detail)

Martin Woodall explaining behavioural safety

Martin Woodall explaining behavioural safety

We always make an assessment of your needs and tailor our courses to your organisation. We are happy to talk through your requirements and recommend a suitable programme of workshops.

Training workshops can be run on a stand-alone or modular basis. However, they will work best as part of a health and safety programme. We operate the Lattitude Standard, a programme that uses the Gleicher Change Model to help you move step by step towards an interdependent safety culture and then improve beyond that.

Target audience
Workshop Managers Supervisors Individuals Safety pros
Attitude surveys
Leadership in safety
Observation and feedback
Teamwork: independent culture
Teamwork: interdependent culture
Train the trainer
Human error


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