Attitude surveys

Understanding where you are before you start (or at some future point) is a vital part of taking the next step into behavioural safety.

Experts at Lattitude can help you understand how safe the culture in you organisation is right now. Are people encouraged to point out potential hazards? Do managers lead by example? How highly do people value safety?

Understanding attitudes within your organisation help you to make effective changes

Understanding attitudes within your organisation help you to make effective changes

These and a whole range of other questions gives us an insight into your safety performance and where it can be improved.

We use a mixture of interview and survey techniques to produce a report showing you where your organisation excels and where there is room for improvement.

The survey

Conducting an independent survey to measure current attitudes to health and safety and how that influences behaviour offers many benefits:

  • A benchmark against which the success of training and other safety programmes can be assessed
  • Highlights the differences in attitude and behaviour between managers, supervisors and the workforce and examines the reasons why these differences exist
  • Demonstrates commitment to continual improvement in health & safety and that you value everyone’s opinion
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses and what actions are necessary to improve performance

The survey is always tailored to suit your structure and logistical constraints.

What the survey delivers

A written report provides an analysis of our findings along with pragmatic recommendations for realigning people’s perceptions. The data can actually be used in subsequent training to highlight differences in perceptions and stimulate culture change.

Target audience

A cross section of the entire workforce, between 25 and 50% in total with all levels present in appropriate ratios.
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