Observation and feedback

We believe talking with people in their place of work is the most effective way leaders can demonstrate their commitment to safety and achieve enduring change.

Finding effective ways of maintaining discussions and providing feedback is vital to make the most of your investment in safety. We recommend our Safety Watch Observation Programme (SWOP). It is designed to provide people with the skills and confidence they need to talk with others and offer effective feedback.

SWOP provides a 9-step framework
for improving communication

A 9-step framework helps people to observe the behaviour of others and discuss the safety implications. SWOP is based on a programme developed by DuPont and ICI. The workshop has a half-day theory session. Then we put the theory into practice, initiating safety discussions in the workplace, with a Lattitude consultant on hand to offer coaching provide constructive feedback.

The workshop

  • The principles of behavioural safety and behavioural audits, the observation and feedback process
  • The psychology of human behaviour
  • The importance of focusing on key safe behaviours
  • Observation skills: recognising unsafe acts and conditions
  • Discussion skills
  • Practical workplace discussions
  • Review
It is important to understand how to talk to people about safety

It is important to understand how to talk to people about safety

What the workshop delivers

  • Understanding how to approach people and ensure a positive outcome
  • Increases confidence
  • Techniques for observation, discussion and feedback.
  • Tips on developing strategies and increasing effectiveness
  • Coached as you put the theory into practice


Target audience:
Managers, supervisors and other “cultural leaders” within the business, such as union reps and safety reps.


Typically ½ day plus a separate 1 hour session for coaching (course tailored to your needs)


This workshop can be combined with Leadership in safety to create a 1½ day course.


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