Train the trainer

For some organisations, there are benefits in delivering safety teamwork training internally. Our Train the trainer workshops are designed to ensure consistency and integrity in the safety message.

We would always recommend that our consultants carry out teamwork training. But if you are rolling out a large safety programme, Train the trainer may offer the next best thing. Having safety expertise internally gives you unrivalled flexibility within your training programmes. We provide close and ongoing support.

The objective is to equip your people to deliver teamwork training based on our independent and interdependent workshops

The workshop:

  • Lattitude delivers a real event to a real audience, with nominated trainers present as observers, using support materials and taking notes
  • We then work off-line with the trainers, talking them through the elements of the training
  • The trainers present the material back to the consultant and other trainers
  • The trainer delivers a real event with a Lattitude consultant present to offer support should problems arise
  • Lattitude offers feedback and tips tailored specifically to each trainer

What the workshop delivers

  • A wider, more flexible resource for delivering Lattitude Safety teamwork training
  • A deep understanding of teamwork for safety within your organisation
  • Training and development skills tailored specifically for safety

Target audience

Those who already have some expertise in health and safety and have the confidence to deliver workshops.


Depends on the numbers of trainers you wish to train (typically 2 to 3 days).
Take the next step… call us on +44 (0)1435 831500 to find out how our training will work in your organisation.

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