Leadership in safety

The people who shape the culture of an organisation are those who have a leadership role. Behavioural safety works best from the top down.

This is why we advocate starting the training element of any programme with Leadership in safety workshops. Stimulate culture change by proving management commitment and developing visible safety leadership across your organisation.

Lattitude safety training in action

Lattitude safety training in action

The workshop:

  • An introduction to behavioural safety
  • An introduction to health & safety culture and the critical link between behaviour and culture
  • A powerful case study (using our film Hindsight – Ken Woodward’s story) illustrating the need for safety, the link between behaviour and culture, and the legal, moral and economic consequences of getting it wrong
  • Management’s role in influencing the culture and how their behaviour impacts on people’s perception of priorities and thus the importance of safety
  • Approaches to improving leadership technique for better safety (using our award-winning film Giants of leadership)
  • Developing an action plan and a leadership charter

What the workshop delivers

  • Participants go away with a sense of how to tackle safety and improve injury rates
  • They understand how to influence positively people’s attitudes to safety
  • They create a formal leadership charter which they can use to develop the commitment to safety across the organisation

Target audience

Managers, supervisors and other “cultural leaders” within the business, such as union reps and safety reps.


Typically ½ day (course tailored to your needs)


This workshop can be combined with Observation and feedback to create a 1½ day course.

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Take the next step… Observation and feedback

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