First prize winner at the World Congress of Safety and Health at work in Istanbul.

Leadership is the secret ingredient of every great safety culture… Not just the kind of leadership that comes from above, but the kind that grows at all levels of your organisation – if you let it.

This is a breathtaking and inspiring training programme about the world’s most natural leaders, elephant matriarchs, and how they drive the safety and success of the family, the herd and the species.

Unlike traditional training programmes on safety culture, Giants of Leadership takes the viewer away from the everyday context of the workplace and invites them to think about leadership in new ways.

Spectacular footage of elephants in the wild helps drive home a set of clear, compelling messages about the essential components of leadership…

  • Respect
  • Leading By Example
  • Constant Communication
  • Caring
  • Consistency
  • Learning From Mistakes

Beautifully filmed by BBC nature crews in Kenya, Botswana and Namibia and narrated by award winning actor David Morrissey, it’s a memorable and powerful training tool for any company serious about building its safety culture, from above, below and within.

A full programme including all the material needed to run a standalone workshop or for integrating into your own training structure.