World expert in safety cultures

Vince is a highly experienced OSH professional and has operated across the globe in a number of industries including renewable energy, coatings, warehousing, chemicals and government services. He has held senior executive positions in global organisations helping to improve safety in the world of work. He is the current president of The International Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organisations.

As a fellow of the institution of occupational safety and health (iosh) and past president of the global group for the international network for safety and health practitioner organisations (inshpo). He has been actively involved in the promotion of the value proposition for the OSH professional.

Having worked in many sectors with senior management it is clear that where improvement has been seen most, it has been with a strong and active management group leading the way and believing every accident, at work, is preventable.

We “mankind” can learn to improve safety in our worlds of work by observing “animal kind”. We see great examples from Meerkats to the Matriarch where the learning of generations is passed down and shared with everyone…a simple and effective show and tell philosophy that is repeated in every mob and every herd, leading and showing what to do and when to do it.