Lattitude create and deliver award winning, innovative behavioural safety training because everybody has the right to go home safely.


At Lattitude we understand that no two safety cultures are identical.

Safety Cultures evolve daily. A new procedure, machine or visitor on site can change “normal” in a heartbeat.

We believe that the best way to ensure that evolution is positive is through employee engagement.

Our creative workshops and programmes bring safety to life. Whether it’s through the powerful stories of real accident survivors or the interdependent safety excellence of a group of meerkats in the Kalahari Desert.

Together we can make sure that your safety cultural evolution is a healthy experience for everyone.

Health and Safety Behavioural Training Courses

People choose to work safely for many different reasons – beliefs, family values, financial benefit, improved job performance and sometimes it’s simply because the rules force them to. Our focus is on trying to help people realise the real benefits of great safety, whatever their motivation. (Plenty more detail here)

Do it yourself

A full training course in a box (or streamed). We give you the tools you need to run your own successful training.

Train the trainer

Our consultants are more than happy to share their expertise so that you can have your own in-house trainers to deliver a consistent message.


Our consultants can deliver any of our established training programmes or something awesome we haven’t thought of.

Power to you

Safety training must always evolve, you could be the brains behind it, driving Safety in a new direction.


While we can’t show the depth of experience and creativity we bring to the party, here are a few examples we loved working on (more here).


Our consultants are all top safety professionals but even more importantly they are top people. We are always open to suggestions but here are a few of the workshops they regularly deliver. (more here).

Our speakers.

Our friends are among the world’s most inspiring safety speakers. Their powerful stories are fantastic for all events, leaving an impact that will stay with you forever. (See the whole line-up)

Our Blog.

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