Presentations that pack a punch

Jim describes himself as a slip and trip statistic and puts his heart and soul into ensuring no-one else suffers the same fate. His presentations certainly pack a punch, telling the story of his own accident and his time in hospital. But with years of experience in running his own business, Jim also understands the need to motivate people within a work environment. Audiences say listening to Jim leaves a lasting impact.

In 2005, Jim was running his own construction company, and had 25-years’ experience including being the person responsible for health and safety. So how was it he fell 26 feet from a roof? The answer, as is so often the case, was that he was doing something he had done many times before without incident and had become oblivious to the risks.

James has no memory of what happened next. He awoke from a coma three months later with injuries to his head, lungs and back. And despite the best efforts of physiotherapists at Dun Laoghaire hospital, Jim is in a wheelchair and will never walk again.

The story of Jim’s accident is a compelling argument for everyone to take responsibility for their own safety and that of those around them. He is determined that best practice in safety is implemented at all levels and, as a speaker, can give you both the motivation and the tools to see that happens.