Review current attitudes to Health and Safety within your company

There are many definitions of health and safety culture, but perhaps the simplest is; “it’s just the way we do things round here”. Unsurprisingly, where there is a realisation that the ways are getting done contribute to injuries and ill-health, health and safety departments, management teams and directors are often tasked with “improving the health and safety culture”. It’s simple to agree with intentions of cultural improvement; find sustainable ways to reduce the number of people who get hurt across the business. However, perhaps it’s harder to fully understand where the culture requires development and, more importantly, knowing and where to get started. Our pragmatic climate survey helps businesses overcome these issues and kickstart meaningful cultural improvement.

We use our tried-and-tested combination of survey and discussions to provide a snapshot of the culture; a climate check. We focus on key indicators of culture and develop an understanding of where differences in attitudes and opinions that obstruct further improvement exist. These indicators enable us to recognise the positive elements of the culture; the things that are being done well that need consolidating to underpin the future improvement. Our objectivity then allows us to pinpoint the underlying reasons for areas requiring development and offer simple recommendations on what can be done to address them.

Our experience and the feedback we receive from delighted clients shows that our climate surveys yield many benefits:

  • Provides a benchmark of the current Health & Safety culture
  • Highlights differences in attitudes between workgroups and illustrates why these differences exist.
  • Practically demonstrates commitment to involving and consulting a workforce.
  • Provides advice on the first steps required to begin sustainable cultural development.
  • Personalises the content of subsequent training plans, initiatives etc.