Safety has an impact on the people you love. World leading Safety speaker Jen Deeney tells her story.

It Will Never Happen To Me is a safety training programme that changes attitudes.

Jennifer and Kieron Deeney were a young, newly married couple, looking forward to starting a family. Life couldn’t have been better, until Kieron was killed in a tragic workplace accident, just thirteen weeks after their wedding day.

In this moving, heart-felt training film, Jennifer tells of the devastation that followed her loss and why there really is no excuse for turning a blind eye to an unsafe act.

It Will Never Happen To Me is an appeal to employers and workforce alike, from someone who has felt the very real consequences of poor workplace safety.

The perfect training aid for reminding a workforce that:

  • All accidents are preventable
  • We should never walk past an unsafe act
  • We can all make a difference looking after each other
  • Nothing is worth being hurt for
  • We should think about the potential consequences for our family and friends