If you know anyone who needs convincing about safety, this is the film

If you know anyone who needs convincing about safety, this is the film.

There are more than 800,000 accidents on an average day. This poignant film tells the story of just one. In Lattitude’s Hindsight, Ken Woodward talked about the accident that left him blind. Now, he and his wife Sue reveal for the first time the trauma and heartache that came afterwards.

Ken and Sue live with the consequences of that accident every single day. It has a profound effect on their lives.

“In a flash everything went pure white. It was very hot. There wasn’t a loud bang but a tremendous force threw me back. And that’s about all I remember.”

For the first few months, Ken was able to see light and shade. What followed was a battle to keep that limited degree of vision. A battle that ultimately Ken lost.

Recently, Sue rediscovered a diary she had kept, documenting that tragic period. Even after twenty years, the emotions are still raw. What the diary revealed is the pain that Ken and Sue have lived with every day since the accident.

Yet Ken admits, if he had stopped to think for just a few seconds about safety, he would have put on some goggles and the effects of the accident would have been far less profound. There would have been no diary. There would be no film.

What you will learn:

  • The consequences of an accident may not just last a few days or a few weeks. You may be affected for the rest of your life.
  • The risks you take don’t just affect you. You may end up traumatising your loved-ones, your friends and your colleagues.
  • The physical injuries from an accident will be bad enough but the mental injuries can be just as damaging and last much longer.
  • Taking a few moments every day to think about safety can save you a lifetime of pain.

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