Drives businesses to zero accidents

In 11 years working as head of Coca-Cola’s UK factories, Bob Cameron drove the business from zero safety to zero accidents. He is authoritative and engaging on safety from a management point of view but also offers real insight into integrating safety with quality and production efficiency.

Bob was Director responsible for manufacturing at Kellogg Co. (G.B.) Limited and took charge of Coca-Cola’s five (later six) UK manufacturing plants in 1990. He currently works as consultant to manufacturing industry.

Bob had just started at Coca Cola when there was a major accident at one of his factories. During a cleaning operation, there was a chemical explosion in which Ken Woodward lost his eyesight.

Bob led the Management Team that steered the company through this tragic period.  He also made sure lessons were learned, setting up an audit of safety practices within the factories and then establishing the Zero Accident Behaviour programme.

Bob’s expertise is in getting people performing by changing the management culture. Coca-Cola achieved its zero accidents goal in 2000 by putting safety first. Bob used many of the ZAB techniques and language for improving quality within Cola-Cola’s manufacturing plants.  From this emerged Zero Accident Quality (ZAQ).

Since then, as an independent consultant, Bob has gone on to improve manufacturing and distribution businesses of all shapes and sizes in their quest for World Class safety, quality and productivity. He drives changes, bespoke to the individual organizations’ objectives, values and culture in a pragmatic and effective manner to deliver sustainable and early improvements.