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We Can Work Out – Complacency After The Virus

Now I must declare that starting a blog with a Beatles song reference is a risk with our Beatles-indifferent (at best…) website editor but here goes nothing. I read the news today. Oh boy. It wasn’t about a lucky man who made the grade. Nor was it about a load of pesky potholes on Abbey Road (three Beatles references now […]…

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Driving home for Christmas …………. eventually

Whilst returning home from a recent pilgrimage to a local retail paradise, feeling battered and bruised (physically due to the crowds and fiscally due to the seemingly endless Christmas lists we’re expected to fulfil….), I approached a ludicrously complicated junction. It’s not quite as bad as Swindon’s infamous Magic Roundabout in the bonkers-stakes, but not far off. Best described as […]…

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