HSE highlight the need for committed leaders

Align with the HSE and ‘become part of the solution’

The HSE’s latest strategy, ‘Health & Safety of Great Britain // Be part of the solution’ raises a number of key areas that aim to improve health and safety in the constantly changing, modern environment.  Two of the subjects strongly highlighted are the need for committed leaders promulgating a pragmatic approach towards safety and workforce involvement and engagement.  In Lattitude’s All For One- The Meerkat Way and our latest release, Giants of Leadership – The Nature of Safety, the same areas are also covered and offer a distinctive, content rich and great value solution.

With All For One – The Meerkat Way, Lattitude ensure the vision of involving and engaging workforce is brought to life by motivating employees to approach safety with a team-based attitude.  The programme centres communication, prioritising safety and the safety instinct as key to changing or reawakening the way we think about safety at work.  As the programme is now used by over a 1000 organisations, worldwide, it’s proved to be a popular answer to the challenges of safety in any industry.

In Lattitude’s latest package, Giants of Leadership – The Nature of Safety, the need for committed leaders is addressed as essential for creating genuine, caring and ultimately productive safety cultures, capable of achieving world-class results.  Using a clear philosophy that places safety at the heart of any organisation, Giants of Leadership is a cost-effective solution allowing employers to instantly ‘become part of the solution’.

In addition to the main strategy, the HSE have produced their ‘Essential Principles’ of leadership, providing a skeleton for employers to approach the subject.  Giants of Leadership allows Safety trainers to take this guidance to the next level, making the journey from good safety to great safety an unforgettable, compelling and motivating experience for all.

Read the HSE’s strategy ‘Health & Safety of Great Britain // Be part of the solution’ here.

Read the HSE’s ‘Essential Principles of Leadership’ here.