The Kats That Conquered The World – 1000 Meerkat Organisations

meerkatsmallWe are delighted that All For One The Meerkat Way is being used by over a thousand different organisations in around twenty five different countries.
Companies around the world from have found some fantastic ways to bring the meerkat message to life.

  • In Bristol one company hired a zoo to show their workers some real meerkats.
  • In Australia a consultant uses them in the Kakadu National Park to help train Aboriginal rangers.
  • One pharmaceutical company created a scene from the Kalahari in their own cafeteria to launch their safety programme.
  • In North West England Shell bought a meerkat soft toy for every employee to remind them to stay safe.
  • Gerrit Krijgsman at Pepsico in Holland said, “Shopfloor workers act differently after they have seen the film. Great Stuff.”

Creative safety training aimed at achieving an interdependent safety culture with “All For One – The Meerkat Way” central to their initiatives.

We look forward to hearing more about just how creative our customers are in using the film.