What does Mark Strong say the most precious thing to people is ?

One of Hollywood’s “go to” English baddies, Mark Strong, has joined an illustrious group of British talent that have helped Lattitude produce some of the world’s most innovative behavioural safety training programmes.

Following in the legendary footsteps of the likes of Toby Jones (Meerkat Safety ™ ) and David Morrisey (Giants Of Leadership), Mark kindly took a break from filming his latest movie to narrate our ground breaking new positive safety concept Pay It Forward Safety ™.

In recent times we became conscious that we in the safety community had become too focused on sharing negative experiences with our audience. It got us thinking that if we keep telling them an accident is going to happen, we make it seem almost inevitable.

As the Elite Sports Performance coach Coach Dave Alred says, “telling people what not to do is a good way to make them do it. It best to focus on the positives.”

The idea is to make wellbeing/safety participation a more positive experience. More do than don’t, less stop and more go. Getting people to share their knowledge, experience and instincts moving towards a more mindful/thoughtful organisation.

We’d love to show you just how Safety Kindness ™ can enrich your safety culture.

Contact us on +44 (0)1435 831500 or rob@lattitudeproductions.co.uk.

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