Behavioural Safety? Or the Nanny state? – Workshops

On our behavioural safety workshops, we look at the causes of accidents and injuries in the workplace, and unsurprisingly most injuries these days involve human factors – rushing, not looking where we’re going, sticking our fingers where we shouldn’t, trying to lift too much, not wearing our PPE or not holding the handrail.


What’s fascinating is that the advice we give people often mirrors the advice we give our children – slow down, look where you’re going, mind the step, watch out that’s hot/sharp/heavy, hold the handrail and so on.


Perhaps it’s inevitable that people start to talk about safety experts trying to run a Nanny state! But the reality is, however patronising it may seem, it is these simple things that lead to many workplace injuries if we get it wrong and prevent injury if we get it right.


So, our behaviours at work ultimately determine whether we stay safe or not. That is why all our workshops are designed to help your employees get an increasingly clear understanding of how and why we behave the way we do and more importantly the safe behaviours that keep us healthy every day.


Behavioural Safety rules OK.


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