Time to accentuate the positive?

Isn’t it time we focused on the positive side of health and safety/wellbeing at work?

If we spend our time warning people that bad things will happen do we simply make it seem inevitable and unavoidable?

More time focused on the positive actions that help us create a modern mindful safety approach will inevitably lead to a more engaged workforce.

At Lattitude we have faith in human nature and believe that if the average person will do almost anything to keep a complete stranger safe they will certainly do everything in their power to help their friends or colleagues.

Pay It Forward Safety ™ is designed to bring the best side of human nature to our wellbeing and safety activities. Getting everyone to positively contribute to his or her workplace health and safety culture. Because a positive safety culture lives in the things we do rather than the things we say.

Inspired by research at two of the world’s leading universities, the idea is to make safety participation a more positive experience. More do than don’t and less stop and more go.

Getting people to use and share their knowledge, experience and instincts to create a more thoughtful and kind organisation that everyone wants to work for and with.

With a voice-over supplied by Hollywood actor Mark Strong this programme was shortlisted at the World Congress of Health and Safety at Work even before it was released.

A full programme including all the materials needed to run a standalone workshop or for integrating into your own training structure.


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