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“He’s Not The Messiah” – How Interdependent Teamwork Tackles The Them And Us Safety Culture

  The Monty Python fans among you will instantly picture the scene from “The Life of Brian” movie. The massed crowd outside their new-found saviour’s ramshackle bedroom window arguing over their individuality with their new “Messiah” Brian and his mother. But it would take a ‘serious’ movie geek to remember the next few lines when in unison the crowd chant […]…

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Time to accentuate the positive?

Isn’t it time we focused on the positive side of health and safety/wellbeing at work? If we spend our time warning people that bad things will happen do we simply make it seem inevitable and unavoidable? More time focused on the positive actions that help us create a modern mindful safety approach will inevitably lead to a more engaged workforce. […]…

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New Release: FREE for all Diary customers

New release of Ken Woodward’s The Diary We recently worked with our friends at Toyota to create a special short version of The Diary. We liked it so much that we’ve decided to make it available to all our customers. At just 7 minutes long, this streamlined story detailing the consequences of Ken Woodward’s horrific accident is perfect for toolbox talks. It encapsulates the hard-hitting emotion and […]…

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