SHUTDOWN: the real cost of health and safety

We thought you might be interested in some recent figures.

Cost of bailing out Greece €109billion*

Cost of lost production because people cannot work owing to health or disability (EU annually): €3000billion**

But that is not the real story.

This is the real story of the cost of health and safety . . .


SHUTDOWN is a film about the financial and human costs of one accident at one factory. You can guess from the title how bad things get. But the real lesson is who pays. It’s not the insurance company. It’s the people who work at the factory and their families.


The business case for health and safety

The film is a graphic illustration of how expensive accidents in the workplace can be. Owners and investors lose dramatically. But so do the people who work there. It even affects other companies: suppliers and customers have to cope with the consequences too.


Find out more about SHUTDOWN and how it can help convince people of the costs of poor health and safety. There you can watch a preview of the film.

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