Construction industry safety training

Safety training films designed to inspire people working in construction 

Construction remains a high-risk industry despite the hard work of safety professionals. The nature of the work creates special challenges and although the number of fatal injuries is now less than half the figure for the 1990s*, there is still work to be done.

Kieron Deeney was killed in a tragic workplace accident, just thirteen weeks after his wedding day.

At Lattitude, we work closely with the construction industry to understand the issues it faces. A number of our films have been produced in association or in co-operation with construction companies.

Many construction companies already use our films as part of their safety programmes. They add a new dimension to safety training, stimulating their audiences and really getting them thinking about what they can be doing to improve safety performance.


Construction safety: thought-provoking real-life experience

It Will Never Happen to Me is a training programme that changes attitudes. It is the story of a newly wed construction worker who died in a fall and the consequences for his family and colleagues.

More details, watch a preview of the film online or request an evaluation copy of the complete training package


Construction safety: teamwork and leadership

Good teamwork and leadership are the bedrocks of any safety improvement programme yet they are among the hardest things to get right.

At Lattitude, we took a different approach which has been phenomenally successful in engaging people and helping them understand their role in safety management.

All for One – the Meerkat Way and Giants of Leadership – the Nature of Safety look at some of the best examples of safe behaviour from the wild and explore what we can learn. They can be used as stand alone training packages or to enhance a broader safety programme.

More details of our teamwork training programme, watch online a preview of All for One – The Meerkat Way, or request an evaluation copy of the complete training package

More details of our leadership training programme, watch online a preview of Giants of Leadership – the Nature of Safety or request and evaluation copy of the complete training package.


Some construction companies already using our safety training films

Aker Kvaerner

Aveng Group

British Gypsum

GDF Suez






Trotter & Morton


Other films to check out for safety training in the construction industry

Hindsight – The Official Ken Woodward Story

The Climber’s Attitude


*  UK HSE data