Help save nature’s giants of leadership

They teach us so much yet last year 36,000 elephants were killed for their ivory.

Elephants are remarkable. In times of drought, other animals follow because it is the elephants who remember the best places to find water. They are natural leaders with an understanding and empathy that man can seldom match.

The elephant will disappear from Africa in 12 years if we don't fight ivory hunting
The elephant will disappear from Africa in 12 years if we don’t fight ivory hunting

This gave us the idea for our film Giants of Leadership — the Nature of Safety. We can learn from the way elephants do things, how they ensure the safety of their herds and the survival of their species. Leadership at all levels is the secret to developing and maintaining a culture of safety. Yet it is a skill that most of us struggle to hone.

Now the elephants who teach us so much face their greatest danger. It is us. Every 15 minutes an elephant in Africa is killed for its tusks. If illegal hunting for ivory continues at its current rate the elephants will be gone in 12 years.

If we permit this to continue, the tragedy will be ours as well as the elephants’ because we have so much to learn from them

Today (4 October 2013) thousands of people will peacefully march in support of the elephant in 15 cities around the world. It is part of a campaign that we are passionate about. You can get involved too. Go to to find out how you can help.

Remember, elephants help you to stay safe. Can you help them?