The Ken Woodward series

Ken Woodward is an inspirational man, using his own experiences in an effort to save others from harm. The accident Ken suffered at work robbed him of his sight, taste, and smell in a horrific and painful way.

He has worked with Lattitude to create three powerful safety films that tell his story, alone or as a set, and that work towards changing the attitude of anyone who watches them.

They include:

The Diary

The most emotionally charged film, and the first time Ken and his wife Sue have been filmed discussing the accident together. The impact on Ken, his wife and his whole family becomes clear when Sue reads from the diary she kept detailing the events immediately after the accident. The recovery was harder than anyone could have imagined. The long-term consequences are still apparent some twenty years later, and the psychological effects will be with them for life.


Now in an impressive 33 languages, Hindsight is the safety film that truly speaks to everyone. The accident itself is detailed in this chilling account of workplace safety at it’s worst. The accident scarred not only Ken but his wife, his friends and family, his colleagues, the medical professionals that looked after him and had a massive effect of the company.

Lessons From A Blind School

As part of Ken’s recovery, he received training at the Royal National Institute of Blind People. In this thought-provoking film, Ken’s new practices are outlined, and the importance of prioritising safety. The techniques Ken uses to deal with the challenges he faces every day since his accident can easily be used to stay safe in the workplace.


We have also introduced a special offer on Ken Woodward’s The Diary – £100 off if you have already purchased any of his other films. You will also be eligible for this special discount if you purchase the Diary along with Hindsight or Lessons From A Blind School.The Diary - Ken Woodward