Lattitude speakers use films to make an impact

Our fantastic speakers Jen Deeney, James Gorry, and Mick Loughran have been making waves in the safety world. The feedback we’ve received has been incredible.

“So many people have told me that your story changed them.”


All our speakers show the real long-term impact accidents have. They talk about the accidents that have effected them in an honest and meaningful way, which never fails to engage the audience. It’s a message that everybody should hear. Jen’s talk adds extra impact to a viewing of her film ‘It Will Never Happen To Me’ and James’ brand new film ‘Safety By Numbers’ frames his presentation perfectly. It’s the person behind that accident that makes viewers realise that this isn’t a risk worth taking, and meeting them in person is an unforgettable experience.




“The feedback was beyond awesome and your words are changing cultures.”


It’s amazing to see how safety cultures can change if people are shown the damage that can be caused by a workplace accident. It’s also wonderful for people to take home a message that all accidents are preventable, and they aren’t inevitable. Many businesses have had incredible success using our films alongside Jen, James or Mick’s safety talk.

A full list of our speakers can be seen here.

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