RoSPA Gold Award for Meerkats at Morden

It’s always good to hear positive news. This month we’ve been greeted with the wonderful announcement that BOC Morden has won the Gold Award for achievement in this year’s RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards. They’ve made such a commitment to continuous improvement in workplace safety over the last five years and now they’ve been recognised for their hard work.

We’re also very proud to say that our film All For One – The Meerkat Way is at the heart of their safety programme. All our programmes are ready to use out of the box, but it’s amazing to see so many people inspired to get creative with their safety training. To celebrate five years of Meerkat Safety, BOC held a day of safety events to refresh the Meerkat Philosophy in everyone’s minds. This included a re-screening of All For One, as well as various creative activities and even meerkat themed cakes.

BOC watching Kats
Image courtesy of BOC Morden

These furry little creatures represent a new take on health and safety, where every member of the team is essential to the well-being of the entire group. They also prove that safety in the workplace can not only contain a positive message, but be fun and interesting too. When it comes to inspiring people to work safely, and to help keep their colleagues safe too, there really is no limit.

Click here to view more information about All For One – The Meerkat Way used by BOC Morden.